About Diageo Budapest

Established in 2002, the centre in Budapest has grown to a multi-functional knowledge and competence operation with global and regional responsibilities in the areas of Finance, HR service, Procurement, IT and Commercial activities for Eastern Europe, and employs 1400 people.

Over the last 20 years we’ve been running a large proportion of Diageo’s financial processes, servicing businesses that contribute ~90% of Diageo’s net sales. Our Budapest office now handles around 50% of total finance activities and services ~80% of Diageo’s markets.

Our significant achievements in process standardization and optimization also allow us to accommodate more complex, strategic roles transferred from the markets, enabling our employees to explore and embrace a comprehensive, end-to-end financial career, but also to excel in commercial activities and turning Diageo Budapest into a multi-functional centre of excellence.

In our office located in one of the most popular business areas of Budapest, we provide an inspiring environment with Diageo’s values and brands visible everywhere. We believe in the importance of providing outstanding working conditions and facilities to our employees including an on-site gym, café and a bar on the top floor of our office!

Diageo’s purpose of ‘celebrating life every day, everywhere’ is vibrantly present in our everyday life - this is why we have such a strong community.